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Most of you probably know by now about the future-oriented side of Forever Healthy: To accelerate the availability of human rejuvenation therapies based on molecular and cellular repair of age-related damage. However, in order to vastly extend our healthy life-span, there is more that we can do than just relying on future therapies.

Amazingly, there is already a lot of cutting-edge medical knowledge and technology that can be used right now to improve our health, to lower the chances that we fall prey to the diseases of aging and even slow down our aging process a little bit.

This is what the second part of our dual strategy at Forever-Healthy is all about: To Create, apply and continuously improve the most effective personal health and longevity strategy that we can implement today.

In order to advance the discussion in this area, I decided to set up this blog and not only write about our progress in that regard but also share my personal journey in implementing that knowledge to improve my health, counter my personal risk factors and slow my aging process.

I hope this blog will initiate plenty of fruitful discussions and that we all together can grow a knowledgeable and ever learning community to capitalize on this unique opportunity handed to us.



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Entrepreneur, Mentor, Philanthropist and Founder & CEO of the Forever Healthy Foundation


  • Dazu gehört unbedingt die Umweltmedizin und Sportmedizin.Bin Präventivmedizinerin Msc und fange jetzt mit Weiterbildung Sportmedizin an.Würde mich freuen in Berlin dabei zu sein 2019.Gibt es schon einen Termin?

    • den genauen Termin für undoing-aging 2019 werden wir in unserer facebook gruppe und auf dem newsletter ankündigen.

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